written response

Hair Mercury Testing:
An Accepted and Viable test

Recently, it was brought to our attention that an inaccurate article on mercury testing appeared on a website that is dedicated to discrediting and eliminating alternative health therapies. The article titled; Dubious Mercury Testing, written by a Dr. Robert Baratz appears to be focused on discrediting any possibility that mercury amalgams could contribute to clinically significant levels of body mercury burdens, even while admitting that amalgams will tend to increase levels of mercury in the blood and urine. The author makes this claim, despite the fact that many researchers have reported and published data that has shown amalgams can contribute to increased mercury exposure. References included. This article will however, primarily take issue with the author's unsupported statements that hair mercury testing is "dubious".


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:
Fact and Fiction

This response contains excerpts from another significantly flawed article on hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) found on the same website. The website article titled, Commercial Hair Analysis: A Cardinal Sign of Quackery, was written by a retired psychiatrist. This article responds to these seemingly biased criticisms.